Home Quarantine Management Application

Home Quarantine Management Application

COVID-19 has created many problems for the government which are solvable through technological intervention. This here, is a system to manage the daily updation of patient health and current symptoms via call operators for those in home isolation. I worked on this project on a volunteer basis for urgent deployment. The project is built entirely in Flask with Bootstrap 4 for frontend styling.
This system has the following features:

  • secure admin login
  • secure operator login – for multiple phone operators
  • admin features
    • create/delete operator
    • create/delete symptop
    • operator performance visualization
  • operator dashboard with daily tasks
  • automated patient allocation
  • automated backend integration with Google Sheet

Although this system was designed on an urgent basis for COVID relief, the application can also be used for call-center target allocation and other similar usecases.

Operator Dashboard

Symtom Interafce

Released under the MIT License. (C) Vivek Kaushal 2020.

You can checkout the project here: @kaushalvivek

Home Quarantine Management Application



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