Use This to Communicate with Your Users

Use This to Communicate with Your Users

A highly scalable notification micro-service which can be configured within minutes to send notifications on WhatsApp, SMS and Email.

Constant communication is a key to staying in touch with and growing active users for any growing business. Automating notifications in a reliable manner is somewhat complicated as growth accelerates – there are service provider rate-limits to take care of and it’s necessary to keep your codebase service-provider agnostic to minimize the cost of switching to a different provider when the need arises – it almost inevitably always does. Additionally, to ensure reliable delivery of notifications it is necessary to have a system in place to deal with failures.

To simplify these challenges while keeping your application’s codebase separate from notification logic, I’ve worked on a micro-service which exposes REST endpoint where notifications can be scheduled, without worrying about any of the raised concerns. You can find the source code of the project here: Feel free to build upon/add to the project!

Use This to Communicate with Your Users


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