Human Computer Interaction and Cognitive Sciences

  • Attentional Model of Clickbait
    Working on building an understanding of how user attention is manipulated by clickbait headlines in digital media based journalism. The scope of the project includes understanding the impact and effectiveness of clickbait as well as a breakdown of underlying curiosity. Project a part of masters’ thesis at IIIT Hyderabad.

  • Clickbait and Advertisements
    Worked with Dr. Prithviraj Mukherjee from IIM-Bangalore on an eye-tracker study to identify user-behaviour on clickbait articles and its implication on the advertising industry. Check notes for details.

  • Academic Performance and Financial Risk Taking Paper accepted at the Sixth Annual Conference of the Association for Cognitive Sciences in India. Initial work also presented at the F.U.R. Conference, University of York, UK.

Data Science

  • Big Data Analysis in R - Consumer Freedom Measure
    Undertaken as a Research Assistant at the National Taiwan University, Taipei, under professor Hendrik Rommeswinkel. Worked on a large-scale consumer behavior database that tracked 60,000+ US families’ expenditure on all goods for a period of 14 years, and developed a data analytics codebase in R to draw inferences.

    The codebase and the dataset are proprietary hence can’t be shared online. Publication due.

  • 3D Animation Action Recognition Extensive data analysis on a collected dataset to assess whether it’s easier to identify 3D avatar based action renders as compared to 3D skeleton based action renders.

  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis A codebase to analyse the sentiments regarding a search prevailing in recent tweets. NLP libraries and Twitter API used.

  • Handwriting Recognition A neural network for recognition of handwritten numbers coded natively in python without using external libraries for abstracting machine learning constructs. Note : numpy used for linear algebra.

  • COVID-19 Hospital Bed Requirement Prediction Worked with representatives of Public Health Foundation of India to predict requirements of number of beds, based on data from Italy, Spain and the US.

  • Tensorflow-Keras Examples A collection of examples in Tensorflow-Keras for anyone starting out in Deep Learning.

  • Apache Spark Model REST API Wrote an in-production application to abstact the compilation and hosting of an Apache Spark model with exposed inference API through an intuitive GUI. Built on top of openscoring, using PMML. Code proprietary, work done for CoutureAI.

  • Load Balanced Tensorflow Serving GPU Deployment Deployed a custom configured TFServing on docker compose using NGINX load balancer to manage inference requests over multiple GPUs when serving a single model.

Mobile Development

  • Expenses Tracker App A personal expense tracker app built in the Flutter framework using Dart to provide cross platform support for both iOS and Android devices. Expenses can be added, deleted and visualized in an intuitive layout with ease of usability at the core of development.

  • Usability Analysis of Food Delivery Apps in India
    Looked at the usability of Swiggy and Zomato through carefully designed user studies and parametrized check on adherence with Nielsen Norman Group’s guidelines on mobile app development.

Augmented Reality

  • Interactive Wall
    A standalone advertising platform that was built for interactive real-world advertising. Support for android and iOS based devices was provided for interactive advertising using visual data points parsed by Vuforia engine in Unity3D. Presently used by 20+ consumer focussed companies. Clients include Royal Challengers Bangalore, Budweiser, Star among others.

  • Sentinel
    A standalone cross-platform ticketing application coded in C# using Unity3D with Vuforia engine for image tracking and identification. Backend integration with AWS. The application has since been used at multiple mass-attendance events and concerts for swift ticketing without human-intervention. Clients VH1 Supersonic among others.

    These two projects were done for Wowsome, a mixed reality innovation startup as a software development internship. The code is proprietary.

Computer Systems

  • Kauta - Self-Designed Programming Language A programming language designed by a teammate and me for our Compilers coursework at IIIT Hyderabad under Dr. Suresh Purini.
  • Custom SQL Engine Coded as a part of the Database Systems course at IIIT Hyderabad. The coded SQL engine can emulate a wide range of functionalities provided by MySQL.
  • Custom POSIX Shell Coded a shell in C from scratch based on POSIX architecture with implementation of system calls and hand-coded functionality of most common commands.
  • Network Sockets Implementation Implementation of a network based server-client pair and file transfer using a custom-coded socket. Implementations in both C and Python have been done.
  • Compiler for Kauta Kauta is a language designed by a teammate and me for Compilers coursework at IIIT-H. We also went on to write a parser and a full fledged LLVM compiler for the said language.

Games and Graphics

  • AI in Games - Alpha Beta Pruning An Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe game with an in-built AI mode that uses Alpha-Beta pruning for smart decisions.
  • 3D Game in OpenGL A classic boat manoeuvre game, with enemies to be shot with canons, gift boxes and rocks that act as hurdles – coded with OpenGL.
  • 2D Game in OpenGL This 2 dimensional game is a classic Pacman ball game with the objective of destroying incoming balls while staying away from procupines – coded with OpenGL.
  • Bomberman A terminal based implementation of Bomberman in Python – done to get hold of good coding practices in large-medium scale projects.

Full Stack Web Development

  • South Delhi COVID-19 Containment Prediction Created a full stack solution to take COVID-19 data from live sources,geocode location on map and suggest containment zones based on k-means clustering.
  • Home Quarantine Management Platform An application to manage the symptom reporting of patients in home quarantine – built for the Patna District Administration.
  • Voice Interview with User Authentication A web-app in the MERN stack to record voice responses to questions and automate a voice interview process, complete with user authentication.
  • Train Escort Management A web-app for the Indian Railways to manage police escorts on special trains and share the information with other government agencies in real time. Thousands of active users. Worked on it pro-bono to help the fight against COVID-19.
  • Flask Survey App A full featured survey application coded in Python (Flask) with SQL as the primary database and a bootstrap based front end. Application used for research pre-testing of clickbait and attention research.
  • Pomodoro Lite A full featured pomodoro timer with logs, history and statistics for tracking my own productivity. Hosted live. Planned upgrades include wider launch.
  • Developed a full fledged website for Palo Alto Soft LLC, a silicon valley based startup.
  • To-Do List in React A simple to-do list in react with extensive functionality.
  • Entreprenuersip Cell Website A full-stack development project in Django – designed and developed.
  • 72Hours A one-stop shopping portal coded in 72 hours in Django.
  • Megathon Website Front-end development project with live updates and maintenance.

Major Miscellaneous Projects

  • Postgres Wrapper in Flask A GUI wrapper for interaction with a POSTGRES database, coded in Flask - Python. Written code proprietary, work done as a freelance project for a client.
  • Twilio and VoIP Designed a VoIP based system built on top of the Twilio API for a silicon valley based risk assessment startup.
  • Messenger Unofficial API Among the contributors to an unofficial API for Messenger, used by hundreds of developers.
  • Plivo and VoIP Designed automated workflows in Plivo with an integrated microservice for interview management. Code proprietary, worked on a freelance basis.
  • Selenium-based Automation Code in Python to automate an online interview portal with multiple pages, navigations and interactions. Run periodically to test portal for functionality, coded for a California based risk assessment startup. Project done as a freelancer. Code proprietary.
  • IIIT Courier Notification System An internal courier/parcels notification system for all IIIT students, coded for personal use, amassed a significant userbase.
  • Usability Engineering in JAVA Added usability to an existing codebase, ensured code standards are met through extensive refactoring.

Minor Miscellaneous Projects

  • Google Script Upload Portal A secure upload portal in Google Script with captcha support.
  • CSE Algorithms A collection of popular algorithms, coded in C/C++ for incoming IIIT freshers, project archived.
  • POSTGRES Query and Result Email A python script on top of a POSTGRES database to run queries and email results to a dynamically defined set of users automatically. Deployed as a cronjob for a California based risk assessment startup, project done as a freelancer. Code proprietary.
  • Website Update Tracker An intelligent script to periodically check designated websites for changes/updates.
  • Music Downloader A music downloader that scrapes music off youtube videos, can be used with natural language and also gives music recommendations.
  • Auto-backup to Google Drive A script to auto-backup files to Google Drive.
  • Movie Ticket Availability Notifier A cronjob to scrape multiple sources and inform as soon as tickets for a new movie are available. Never miss a first day first show.
  • Personalised Mass Mailing Script A script to mass mail content personalised for individual users.
  • WhatsApp Bot A script for WhatsApp message automation using a workstation deployment.
  • Experiment ID Generator A script to generate IDs efficiently such that control and test groups are split with randomness as perfect as can be simulated.

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